// François Dumeaux & Nicolas Godin "piriforme #1 / postkraut"

"piriforme #1 / postkraut" STX12 | 23-09-2011 | 8 tracks | 49 min | improvisation

"piriforme #2 / criocère" STX20 | 09-03-2012 | 15 tracks | 64 min | improvisation

"piriforme #3 / farad" STX22 | 13-04-2012 | 5 tracks | 60 min | improvisation


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François Dumeaux - a.k.a. druc drac - (former familha Artús, Shapeless, [alveol], La Theory du Reptil...) & Nicolas Godin - a.k.a. Shape2 - (familha Artús & former Shapeless, Peggy Lux, Overflow.inc... cofounder of Stomoxine rec w. eOLe) began to play together in the noise psychedelic band named Shapeless in Agen in the late 90's. With Fran"Love"Cunistar (also member of Phoneyusa on Stomoxine and former Peggy Lux...) playing the guitar, they used to make improvisation in studio as well as on stage.


A decade later, François Dumeaux & Nicolas Godin met once again in the country side with guitars, piano, zither, percussions, synths, computers, a radio and some microphones. From the 20th to the 25th of june 2011, the whole thing is recorded and mixed. The result: A triptych entitled piriforme, mixing krautrock, electronica, post-rock, noise, ambient... Each album will be available simultaneously on Stomoxine records, Pagans and Tyto Alba.


François Dumeaux: computer, synths, zither, piano, flutes, drums, percussions, guitars, radio

Nicolas Godin: computer, synths, zither, guitar, bass, drums, percussions, flutes


recorded in Cuzorn between june 20th and 25th 2011


photos Flickr.


- François Dumeaux website: elytres.net

- Nicolas Godin website: 5hape2.free.fr


Vidéo of Cluster Analysis En Short:


Boring video of Caust:




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