// Doug Seidel and mysterybear "Common Misconceptions"

STX17 | 10-01-2012 | 6 tracks | 34 min | improvisation


music under a creative commons by-nc-nd licence



Doug Seidel lives in New Jersey (US). He makes music using homemade and non-homemade instruments, both electronic and non-electronic.


mysterybear (Dave Seidel) lives in New Hampshire (US). Formerly a guitarist, he makes mostly electronic music these days, sometimes with software, sometimes with hardware, sometimes with both.


Doug drove from his home in New Jersey to Dave's home in New Hampshire, and they spent a weekend playing into a couple of handheld digital recorders. Everything was done live with minimal discussion or preparation; there are no overdubs. Doug later cleaned up the results (EQ, levels, and minimal editing) and sequenced the tracks to produce this set.


mysterybear (Dave Seidel): Drone Lab, Monotron, Audiuno, WSG, boxes and pedals.

Doug Seidel: Homemade electronics, Pure Data, Monotron.


cover art: Shape2 & Doug Seidel


- mysterybear website: mysterybear.net

- Doug Seidel website: soundcloud.com/douglasmseidel

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