// Doug Seidel "Distractors"

STX19 | 02-03-2012 | 11 tracks | 40 min | improvisation


music under a creative commons by-nc-nd licence



/ 01 Look What Happened: rubberbands, claps, banjo, bells, electronics, pots & pans, thread.

Jem Seidel plays the violin.


/ 02 Distractors: homemade CMOS instruments, soup pot, zither, bells, bamboo flutes.


/ 03 Moth: drums, homemade CMOS instruments (one low, one high), bass, bamboo flutes, monotron, guitar.


/ 04 Singing In The Rain: banjo, bass, drums, Micah singing, electronics.


/ 05 Alarm Clock: whisling, rubber bands, electric harmonium, my aunt Charlene's chickens, played through a cell phone, electronics, banjo, drums, Lena singing.


/ 06 Yes, No: banjo, oscillators, hammer dulcimer, thread, bell, Lena singing.


/ 07 Dozep: banjo, mismatched patterns via pure data.


/ 08 Hello: homemade electronics, ceramic slabs, pure data, clapping.


/ 09 Grandma Owls Refraction Through Space-time: homemade electronics, hammer dulcimer, drums, bell, Grandma Owlett's voice, banjo.

Includes part of a tape recording to my brother from our Grandma Owlett, 1961.


/ 10 New Face: singing, electric harmonium and drums via tape loops on reel to reel tape machine, small bell, more drums.


/ 11 Nothing Changed: piano, bass, banjo, guitar, drums, claps, rubber band, electronics, electric harmonium.


cover art: Doug Seidel & Kobbi Nissim

image: Kobbi Nissim


- Doug Seidel website: soundcloud.com/douglasmseidel

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